Let’s start by saying this - Trauma Hogs is not your average BBQ joint. This business came from a love of BBQ and a love of caring for people. Quite literally.

Trauma Hogs is the dream of two ER/Trauma nurses, Jason and Tiffany, and their best friend David Ellison. Our dream began while working at the hospital. Jason started working on his own recipes and competed in BBQ competitions on the side. He would take his leftovers to share with his fellow nurses at the hospital to get feedback. That quickly developed into people asking for him to cook for their event or their child’s birthday parties, etc.  Soon enough, Trauma Hogs BBQ came to life!

We serve all size groups from the very small to the very large.  We cater weddings, corporate parties, employee events, birthday parties, and everything in between.

Our top priorities are providing exceptional customer service and the highest quality food to our customers.  We want our customers to feel like family and to provide a wonderful experience every time they visit us.

We not only use high quality ingredients, but we take our time to make sure that every item that crosses our window is the best possible each and every time.  We put our heart and soul into each dish that we serve.  High quality and great flavor are two of the major things we strive for.

We look forward to serving you!